Pydantic extra types#

Pydantic Extra Types is a package that extends Pydantic with support for additional types.

The following types can be used as type hints for Feud commands.


This page may only list a subset of types from the Pydantic Extra Types package.

All extra types (including those not listed on this page) are compatible with Feud.


All of the types listed on this page are easily accessible from the feud.typing module.

It is recommended to import the feud.typing module with an alias such as t for convenient short-hand use, e.g.

from feud import typing as t

t.PhoneNumber  # pydantic_extra_types.phone_number.PhoneNumbers
t.PaymentCardNumber  # pydantic_extra_types.payment.PaymentCardNumber
t.Latitude  # pydantic_extra_types.coordinate.Latitude
t.Color  # pydantic_extra_types.color.Color

The version number indicates the minimum pydantic-extra-types version required to use the type.

If this version requirement is not met, the type is not imported by Feud.

Color type#

Coordinate types#

Country types#

Phone number type#

Payment types#

MAC address type#

Routing number type#

ULID type#

  • pydantic_extra_types.ulid.ULID (>= 2.2.0)